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Deltacom is dedicated to assist its clients in creating an effective information system and to recommend innovative solutions to a broad range of business issues.  Our unique portfolio of technical, managerial and consulting skills, coupled with tremendous financial expertise, positions us well to provide our clients with professional advice.

What We Do
Deltacom's  core  business revolves  around  engineering  business &  automation  related  services.  Our innovative portfolio is built on our unique offerings in Telecom sector's COD (Corrugated Optical Duct) and the Banking product point of sale (POS) terminals, NAC, Host Servers, application maintenance and development, business process outsourcing, and transformation services.

How We Do It
Deltacom provides the best solutions for enterprises looking to maximize return on their IT investments. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to help clients address issues specific to their businesses. Our unmatched infrastructure provides the capacity and capability to help ensure we continue to serve our clients beyond their expectations.

People - Deltacom's employees are dedicated to ensuring every client is well served. Our highly skilled engineers & professionals are well recognized in Oman, especially for their innovation, responsiveness
and flexibility.

Service Excellence Dashboard -- Service Excellence is our heart and soul, the critical gene in the Deltacom culture. It's how we continue to meet - and exceed - our commitments.

Industry Expertise -- We deliver compelling value propositions that demonstrate our understanding to clients' business and have deep expertise in their industries.

Focus On Value
Coupling  competitive  market  rates  with  service  excellence;  we  provide  maximum  business  value, ensuring you get the right people, processes and technologies to get the job done. We also leverage talented personnel to give you consistent, predictable delivery.

Our Clients and Our People
Our passion for client success is why we come to work. As a business automation services leader in Middle East, our success begins with our people, who are absolutely the industry's best. Deltacom is inclined to providing the best after sales support to its clients. We have a long list of satisfied customers. It is our faith and belief that in order to retain a customer the after sales plays the most important role!