Pakistan Home Remittance for the fiscal year 2010 was US$ 9.8 billion. Growth of 21 percent was observed over the fiscal Year 2009. More than 80 percent of the increase in remittances during FY09 stemmed from the Gulf region

Hence, under this favorable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances, Summit Bank Ltd, which is also affiliated with the PRI(Pakistan Remittance Initiative – A joint Venture of ministry of finance and State Bank of Pakistan), is not only looking forward to use already PRI provided foreign correspondent services but it is also keen towards tying up with the other potential Foreign Correspondents to excel at pace which is insurmountable.

Core Activities of AMANAT CASH
Amanat Remittance is technologically leaping and jumping straight from brick and mortar to click and mortar access and broad financial services. We are the only bank in Pakistan with the Home Remittance service of a kind. We have developed a web based home remittance system by which payment can be added and simultaneously it will be available in Pakistan (Like Western Union, Money Gram etc etc) Being a pioneer in the field, our service will always be a priority for the customers in Pakistan.

Since Pakistan is among the top ten ranking countries with the highest Inward Remittances, it is an invincible opportunity to avail for the foreign associates. Provided with all the well maintained, reliable and technologically sound infrastructure, we assure that this association would turn out be an optimum profitable alliance.

Number of Branches: Bank Own Branches 160, partners Payout Locations 850+ All over Pakistan
Online: All branches are online
Time : For Bank own Branches its real time and for our partners location its within 2hrs.
Modes of Operations: We will provide you our exclusive software by the name of AMANAT Cash and this system is real time (like western union. money gram etc etc).

Modes of Sending Money: There are three modes of sending remittance to Pakistan that we are handling and all below mentioned modes can be handle through our AMANAT cash one
windows operations.

AMANAT Cash Silent Features:
The system is very user friendly/secure and could be access through Internet
At cash payin Remitter and beneficiary will receive SMS and same in the case of cash payout.
A dedicated call center has been established for the customer and international support.

Bank Transfer Modes:
RTGS TRANSFER: We are using both gateways i.e. (i) We are member of PRI (RTGS) we can transfer funds same day to 11 PRI Members bank.
IBFT TRANSFER: By using this technology we can instantly transfer funds to 19 banks of Pakistan up to Pkr 500,000/tranx/beneficiary. We are the only bank in Pakistan who is offering this service.
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How Amanat Cash Works
Amanat Cash offers the customers to instantly remit money to their Home back in Pakistan using the below methods.

Cash-to-Cash Money Transfer (Instant)

The Sender can send money through AMANAT Cash registered Agent and Beneficiary can get the remittance instantly at any of the Arif Habib Bank branch or partner bank branches across Pakistan in Real Time. The paying branch will notify the beneficiary via Telephone, as soon as the sender deposits the amount in a span of few minutes (equivalent amount of cash will be handed over to the beneficiary).

Cash-to- AMANAT Card(e-Remittance Card Service)

Beneficiary can also avail our Branch-less Banking facility, by being an Amanat Cash Card holder. He/She does not have to visit the branch to collect remittance. The amount will be directly credit to his AMANAT Cash card which can be withdrawn anywhere, anytime, from any ATM locations. In addition to that the beneficiary can also avail the e-topup, e-utility bill payments and rest of the other services provided at Amanat Cash card anywhere across Pakistan.
Cash to Direct Account Deposit

Funds can be received in any Arif Habib Bank and PRI Registered Banks branches across Pakistan and will be credited to beneficiary's account in Real Time. The direct credit fund transfer facility across the globe enables us in providing Home Remittance services in fastest, free of cost, and safest way to our valued customers.

Cash-to-Cash Home-Delivery service.

We may deliver our remittance funds at our beneficiary’s doorstep within the time span of 24 - 72 hours across Pakistan. The funds will be handed over to the beneficiary only on complete Identity Verification. In return, sender will receive proof of delivery plus a short note from the beneficiary. The service is currently available in few cities.

Account-to-Account Transfer

If the beneficiary has an account with another commercial bank, Amanat Cash will forward the Home Remittance funds within 24 hours to the head office of his respective bank, who will then credit the remittance to the particular branch where the beneficiary’s account is maintained.